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Aqualitec    Plant intake protection systems for wastewater and process water applications; all stainless steel units with a wide range of openings; featuring the unique Screentec Vertical Bar Screen, retrofittable to wetwells & manholes without civil or structural changes; also available are Inclined & Sidehill screens, as well as Externally & Internally-Fed Rotary Screens, along with screenings washer compactors & grit classifiers; and all Aqualitec equipment is designed for plant operator safety and convenience.

Odor Control

NRP, Inc. - Manufactures proprietary, non-microbial stimulants for an "all natural" approach to liquid phase odor control; by feeding & energizing the existing biomass in the collection system, significant reductions in H2S, FOG, TSS & volatiles are achieved; services include NRP's personnel on-site, using its own storage,  and proprietary metering technology; NRP also offers a portable, battery-powered gas scrubber, an ideal, cost-effective solution for both confined space and active personnel work areas.

Enduro Composites Designs and builds specialized equipment for vapor phase Odor Control, including Adsorbers, Wet Scrubbers, Bioscrubbers and Biofilters; and with industry-leading capabilities in FRP fabrication, provides complete air-handling sytsms, including FRP fans, ducting, and dampers.

 (The Tovar Company represents Enduro only in Tennessee.)

Aeration & Mixing

S & N Airoflo  – High-efficiency floating brush aerators, operating at higher pumping rates than any other brush aerators; float and frame design enables the aerator to always operate at the same depth regardless of water level, and along a unique blade design, consistently provides the ditch with optimal MIXING and OXYGEN TRANSFER, at HP levels that provide 30 to 80% energy savings; the floating S&N Rotor is ideal for retrofits of oxidation ditches with fixed rotor systems, operations with insufficient mixing or ditches with no level control; installations always include EZ-Access bridges, platforms, ramps and safety attachments; other applications include digesters, thickeners, holding cells and lagoons.

Biological Treatment

 AWT Technologies brings nearly 30 years of experience to the design of the ASBR, the Advanced Sequencing Batch Reactor, a proven biological process solution for most wastewater treatment challenges in domestic, municipal, and industrial facilities; ideal for modular expansion or upgrading of existing WWTPs, as well as pre-treatment of high strength industrial wastes; AWT has installed and serviced systems as small as 5K gals/day, up to 50 MGD; and for very small flows (< 15K gals/day) there is the CBR, Continuous Fill Batch Reactor, the optimal "package plant" design, using SBR principals in a modular design.

Thickening & Dewatering

Tomoe Engineering, USA – manufacturer of a wide range of decanters, from 6 inch to 50 inch diameter, including: High-G, high-solids decanters for dewatering biosolids, along with specialized units for ethanol, chemical & pharmaceutical applications; and specializes in the repair and upgrade of all brands of decanter centrifuges.

Somat a low-maintenance thickening & dewatering screw press that comes standard with a complete, skid-mounted “plug-n-play” system, including: polymer prep & feed system, electrical controls, piping & valves, instrumentation and feed pumps; cost-effective and ideally designed for WWTPs <1MGD.

U.S Environmental Products, Inc. - Vacuum Sludge Dewatering System that makes a liftable cake within 24 hours; services include lab testing, engineering, and installation for all types of solids dewatering requirements; mechanical system includes a warranted 20-year media, vacuum pumps, polymer feed and controls.

Sludge Drying

Fenton Environmental Technologies - Designs & manufactures customized biosolids dryers & industrial evaporators; its biosolids systems produce Class A product, and can be supplied “turnkey” from dewatering to bagged-for-shipment to customers.

(The Tovar Company represents Fenton Environmental Technologies only in Tennessee.)


WeirWasher ACS – customized Algae Control Systems (ACS) that use in-plant, non-potable water to clean ALL of baffles, weirs, launders and troughs; including square, rectangular and irregular designs; these completely automated systems use only standard, industrial-grade nozzles.
New - scum and grease suppression systems now available.


Fresh Creek TechnologiesSince ‘92, Fresh Creek Technologies has provided Best Management Practice (BMP) products and services for both the Stormwater and Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) markets; by using the natural energy of the flow, and with the use of the original Netting TrashTrap® technologies, FCT Systems capture and remove trash in disposable mesh nets; this integrated system of sediment removal, equalization, filtration & disinfection, along with remote sensing components can be coupled with FCT’s fully integrated O&M services, making FCT’s “toolbox” the most comprehensive in the industry.


Electric Machine Control, Inc. – Provides complete system automation and process control integration (SCADA), with design, engineering, programming and software development; UL508 Panel Shop capabilities include simple control panels, stand-alone drive panels, operator control stations, HMI interfaces, and PLC automation; extensive field service capabilities for both startup and breakdown requirements.



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